Review : Explaindio Video Creator After Using For 2 days

Hi , I'm Candy Lorenzo and Here you will find my unbiased review for Explaindio.
Explaindio is a unique video creator software that was created by Todd Gross who is an unusual expert in video marketing , Just watch a video for Todd and sure you will buy what he wants to sell you .

Explaindio hit the market on 2014-11-11 and it's considered nowadays as the most professional software to create animated videos .

I've bought Explaindio on Jan. 2015 and got the chance to test it , here what I've experienced with Explaindio after some playing on my PC :)

Well, even beginners will find the drag and drop elements is easy to understand and use.

Main Features :

1-  Simple and very easy to produce videos.
2-  Have the ability to import music or audio voice overs.
3-  Have many options of animated characters to use.
4-  Come with Customized backgrounds or can import yours.
5-  Come with about 50 hands to use for whiteboard video production also can add yours.
6-  Export the videos in different quality ranges up to HD according to your needs.
7-  Ability to change the position of animated Characters , animations.
8-  Comes with over 300 fonts.
9-  Comes with free updates for 1 year.
7-  One Time Payment unlike other expensive monthly subscription softwares.

Video types that Explaindio can produce :

1- Animated Explainer.
2- Whiteboard Sketch.
3- Joined videos together.
4- Videos that are written and drawn on.

How I made Money with Explaindio ?

Personally , after playing with Explaindio for 2 days , I started selling a gig for whiteboard videos on fiverr for 5$ per 1 minute , after 2 days I got an order with 35$ from pharmacy , the software pays itself.